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Tom Kimmel returns to Doe Branch Ink in the spring of 2015.   Last year’s workshop was inspiring and productive — and fun.  This is a great opportunity to learn and share in a great environment.  Tom will challenge you and bring out your best!

Singer, songwriter, entertainer and poet: Tom Kimmel is all of these things and more. He’s released seven albums and published a book of poems, and his songs have been recorded by a host of major artists, including Linda Ronstadt, Johnny Cash, Joe Cocker and Randy Travis. They’ve been featured in film and television, and his poems have been published in a number of poetry and literary journals.

Tom is also a sought after teacher of songwriting and creative living who has led workshops around the US and in Europe. In writing retreats, classes and one-on-one coaching, Tom’s lessons make a difference in students’ work and in their lives.

“…best songwriting workshop I’ve ever attended, and believe me, I’ve been to them all.”
   —Reggie Barrett ⁄ Denver CO

“I’ve worked beside Tom teaching singer-songwriters. He is a TERRIFIC teacher who helps songwriters achieve results that come from their own hearts and minds. As a mentor he is the best!”
 — Nancy Bos, Studio Bos ⁄ Seattle WA

On his approach to teaching, Tom says: As we work to develop our writing, it can seem as if there are far too many variables in play at once. When we feel that way, boy is it hard to write! We’re tempted to stop altogether—or else we begin to over think the job at hand, and intellect begins to take on the job of inspiration. Help!

It’s therefore important, I believe, to have an accessible and flexible model for the well-written song that provides us with essential, practical, hands-on reference points. At the same time, we want to become increasingly proficient in putting to good use the tools that fill a skilled writer’s toolbox—even as we cultivate a heightened sensitivity to the ways spirit is uniquely seeking expression in each one of our lives.

The truly valuable thing about a writing retreat is that it gives us the time to explore it all. We have time to study, write, receive quality, supportive, in-depth feedback—and have a lot of fun doing it! Most importantly, we have time and space to assimilate skills and ideas that will continue to serve us long after our week together.