We recognize that a week at Doe Branch Ink is expensive.  At the same time, it is an excellent value — setting, accommodations, food and precious time with a small group of motivated writers and an outstanding mentor who serves as writer-in-residence.   We know of no other residential  workshop experience that operates with such a favorable scale for participants.   Yet Doe Branch Ink prices are very competitive.

We are sometimes asked if we offer scholarships.  The current answer is no.  Our family resources underwrite a substantial portion of the cost of offering Doe Branch Ink workshops, and we are not in a position to offer scholarships in addition.

However, it is worth sharing that participants at Doe Branch Ink have often come with support beyond their own resources.   Several participants have come with support from arts organizations in their home towns.  Others have come with the support of their colleges or universities.  We are more than happy to work with you and potential sponsors to provide information about Doe Branch Ink and to offer billing and payment methods that will allow participants to take advantage of outside funding.