MARJORIE HUDSON teaches for writers groups, colleges, conferences, and retreats all over the country, as well as in her own Kitchen Table Workshops, based in Pittsboro, North Carolina. She specializes in generative and craft classes for writers at all levels, and her workshops focus on building a writing community that provides a supportive network and useful critique.  Hudson holds an MFA in creative writing from Warren Wilson College.
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She is author of two books that explore love and loss in contemporary and historical times. Accidental Birds of the Carolinas (stories) was a Pen/Hemingway Honorable Mention for Distinguished First Fiction, and Searching for Virginia Dare, a mosaic of memoir, fiction, and history, explores the mysteries of England’s lost colony of Roanoke Island and its firstborn daughter.  She writes on topics ranging from pond fishing to Sufi dancing, from extraordinary dogs to English explorers, from the artist’s life to the life of the monarch butterfly.

Marjorie welcomes story tellers in all genres to her workshop.

Marjorie’s plans for Doe Branch Ink:.

“As writers we come to workshops with our tender selves, our work, rough or polished, treading the dangerous and exciting waters of creativity and seeking a solid place to stand to see what we have done. My job as a workshop leader is to help writers find that solid ground, to spy out the genius in the work, its secret structures, and its pathway for development.”

Some writers’ comments about past Hudson workshops:

“Your commentary and feedback is AWESOME! This is exactly what I am looking for. I really want to continue with this!”

I can personally attest to the excellence of Marjorie’s instruction. She is a perceptive and encouraging teacher with a mastery of her craft and an exceptional ability to help her students elevate the drama and distinctiveness of their stories.”