In Discussion at Doe Branch Ink

Participant reviews have been uniformly enthusiastic.  Here is a sampling of their comments:

“You’ve ruined me for other writers’ conferences.  Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity!”

“I never participated in a writing group before.  I didn’t know what to expect, but it turned out to be perfect.   The house, the surroundings, the food, the people, writing time, group time, individual time with a wonderful teacher.  I came into it not knowing what to do next with my writing; I left with a clear picture of where to go from here.”

“Excellent – Just what I was looking for. Time to write in a peaceful setting, away from my daily routine, habits, obligations, etc., among a similarly minded small group of people.  The small number of participants meant that conversations could be focused and deep, and we all came to know each other quickly.  The unstructured time was a big plus for me. Free time is in short supply, so having so much time to use as I saw fit was exactly what I wanted. Discussing writing in the early afternoon gave each day just enough to structure to plan my time around. When I wanted solitude, I could have it, and when I wanted to chat, particularly at mealtimes, everyone was friendly, intelligent, and engaging.”

“Doe Branch was idyllic. The company was stellar, and the great food and conversations at breakfast, lunch and dinner made it hard to leave the table. Each evening, a couple of us would present our efforts to the group.  We had the input of a small group of incredibly different people working on incredibly different projects. Yet, it worked like a charm. This was my first writing retreat ever — now I’m utterly spoiled.  Kudos!”

“The place with its hospitality, mountain views and trails gave me, along with our small group, a learning environment that could not have been better. Then, at the end of the week, I passed back over the “threshold” returning to my familiar life with some wisdom about writing that, I suspect, will be revealing itself over many months. Thank you for your vision and for the opportunity to be among the first to experience it.”

“Fresh from a  week at the at the Doe Branch writing retreat, I have new energy and greater confidence about my writing. Away from work, life chores, and all the excuses I come up with for not writing, this time away to simply focus on improving writing was just what I needed. The mountain lodge was comfortable, the food was dreamy, and the hospitality was top notch. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who wants to jump start his or her writing.”

“I have had a great time at Doe Branch too, great company, lovely mountain scenery and walks, and fabulous food and care taking. I’d call this the deluxe plus workshop!”

“I had a spectacular week at Doe Branch.  All in all, it is a perfect place for inspiration, for starting or re-starting your writing life.”

“I had a great time. The week was filled with daily walks, helpful critique sessions — followed by delicious evening meals–and good conversation. For me it was a perfect balance. And the writing feedback I got was SO HELPFUL. I feel re-inspired.”

“Doe Branch Ink is for a certain type of writer — a writer who actually wants to write, and wants time to write, and privacy in which to write.  It is not for the type of “writer” who doesn’t write but likes the idea of going to a writers’ colony.”

“Doe Branch Ink is a relatively young enterprise which has developed a mature presence.  I was welcomed and taught, supported and freed.  The environment is superb to engage in writing and to think about the future of your writing ambitions.  It was a creative week like few I have known.  Although this adventure was an opportunity to work it was also filled with camaraderie, stimulating conversation, and laughter.”